Wonderful world of gospel and sacred music

Various artists

Label:Starday SLP 10-358
Release Date:1966
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. My soul's been satisfiedSunshine Boys
A-2. Shout & shineSouthland Trio
A-3. The old gospel shipThe Lewis Family
A-4. Angel bandCarl Story
A-5. The church back homeCountry Gentlemen 2:33
Recording Date:1958-05
Place:Ben Adelman's, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m; Bill Emerson-bj; Carl Nelson-f/sb; Pete Kuykendall-g
Vocals:J. Duffey-L; P. Kuykendall-T; B. Emerson-B; C. Waller-BS
A-6. Were you thereCharlie Moore
A-7. Lights in the familyThe Lewis Family
A-8. Who will sing for meCarl Story
B-1. A beautiful cityCarl Story
B-2. Lead me (to that rock)Sunshine Boys
B-3. Wait a little longer, please JesusThe Lewis Family
B-4. Insurance (beyond the grave)Southland Trio
B-5. Got to cross JordanThe Lewis Family
B-6. Peace in the valleySunshine Boys
B-7. Paul & SilasCarl Story
B-8. He knew just what to doThe Lewis Family
C-1. Amazing graceWally Fowler
C-2. Happiness is just a prayer awayWally Fowler
C-3. Closer walk with theeWally Fowler
C-4. Mansions can't be bought in HeavenWally Fowler
C-5. Little talk with JesusWally Fowler
C-6. In the house of the LordJohnson Sisters
C-7. God made a wayFlorida Boys Quartet
C-8. InvocationEva Mae LeFevre
D-1. Turn your radio onWally Fowler
D-2. I see JesusThe Speer Family
D-3. Heaven's jubileeThe Speer Family
D-4. His wonderful loveOak Ridge Quartet
D-5. Talking to the LordThe LeFevres
D-6. Farther alongWally Fowler
D-7. Keep on the firing lineThe LeFevres
D-8. May the Lord bless you real goodWally Fowler
E-1. That old time religionCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet
E-2. Over yonder by the seaThe Lewis Family
E-3. Lilac bouquetWayne Raney
E-4. Destination in gloryJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
E-5. Who do you thinkFrankie Miller
E-6. When you kneel at Mother's graveBill Clifton
E-7. CrossroadsCharlie Moore
E-8. GossipWebb Pierce
F-1. Sunshine landThe Lewis Family
F-2. You can't love Jesus more than meJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
F-3. Doctor in the skyAcorn Sisters
F-4. We need a lot more of Jesus and a lot less rock & Wayne Raney
F-5. Where we'll never dieStanley Brothers
F-6. On the crossMargie Singleton
F-7. I saw the angels in HeavenWilliams & Ellis
F-8. Shout & shineCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet
G-1. Crying holy unto the LordThe Lewis Family
G-2. Dry bonesSunshine Boys
G-3. The Devil was my shadowThe Masters Family
G-4. Sittin' by the creekKirby Buchanan with the Jordanaires
G-5. Whispering hopeBlue Sky Boys
G-6. When they ring those golden bellsJoe Maphis
G-7. Cowboy's deck of cardsCowboy Copas
H-1. I bowed on my knees and cried holyWally Fowler
H-2. Boat of lifeGeorge Jones
H-3. Beautiful isle of somewhereOld Hickory Singers
H-4. In Heaven we'll never grow oldStanley Brothers
H-5. My Saviour is callingHylo Brown
H-6. The old country preacherCarl Story & His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet
H-7. What a friend we have in JesusBond Sisters