You be the judge : 1974 Weiser top five fiddlers

Various artists

Label:American Heritage AH 401-515w
Release Date:1975
Country:United States ID: 6097406

Song Information:

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A-1. Sally JohnsonDick Barrett 1:20
A-2. Three o'clock in the morningDick Barrett 2:00
A-3. Clarinet polkaDick Barrett 1:48
A-4. Fisher's hornpipeJohn Francis 1:48
A-5. Kiss me againJohn Francis 2:27
A-6. Ragtime AnnieJohn Francis 1:17
A-7. Durange's hornpipeJunior Daugherty 1:35
A-8. La GolondrinaJunior Daugherty 2:33
A-9. Brown skin galJunior Daugherty 1:28
B-1. Billy in the low groundBenny Thomasson 1:30
B-2. Martin's waltzBenny Thomasson 2:08
B-3. Cotton patch ragBenny Thomasson 1:35
B-4. Pacific slopeLoyd Wanzer 1:50
B-5. Waltz of the ShannonLoyd Wanzer 2:20
B-6. Twinkle starLoyd Wanzer 2:07
B-7. Cripple CreekMark O'Connor 1:45
B-8. Annie LaurieJana Greif 1:50
B-9. Dusty millerBenny Thomasson 1:27