Hoe down. Vol. 1 : great country instrumentals

Dale Potter

Label:Rural Rhythm RRDP 179
Release Date:1967
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-10. Gotta travel on0:58
B-9. Don't let your deal go down0:52
B-8. Spanish two step2:20
B-7. Precious memories2:40
B-6. Omie Wise's tragic romance1:45
B-5. Aloha oi2:41
B-4. Big ball in town2:12
B-3. Silver threads among the gold2:35
B-2. Twinkle star1:47
B-1. Carrol County blues2:21
A-10. Westphalia waltz2:45
A-9. Hawaiian sunset2:07
A-8. Maidens prayer2:40
A-7. Beaumont rag1:07
A-6. Faded love2:20
A-5. Rubber dolly1:17
A-4. In the garden2:13
A-3. Let me call you sweetheart2:15
A-2. Bully of the town1:22
A-1. Draggin' the bow1:50