Fiddlers of the Tennessee Valley

Various artists

Label:Davis Unlimited DU 33004
Release Date:1974
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1974-04

Song Information:

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B-9. Whoa muleDick Barrett 1:16
B-8. Hell among the yearlingsDick Barrett 1:09
B-7. Durang's hornpipeBill Northcutt 2:03
B-6. Uncle Henry's reelJ. T. Perkins 1:45
B-5. Hughes' breakdownBud Meredith 1:33
B-4. Forked deerBill Northcutt 2:03
B-3. Fifty years ago waltzJ. T. Perkins 2:36
B-2. Lightning in the westBud Meredith 1:34
B-1. Sally AnnRichard Blaustein 1:38
A-11. Blackberry blossomBill Mitchell 1:13
A-10. Highlevel hornpipeBill Mitchell 1:18
A-9. Twinkle, twinkle little starFrazier Moss 1:15
A-8. London hornpipeFrazier Moss 1:07
A-7. Devil's dreamBob Douglas 1:16
A-6. Black velvet waltzBob Douglas 1:33
A-5. Green Valley waltzRichard Blaustein 1:28
A-4. Red birdLena Hughes 1:55
A-3. Forked deerLena Hughes 1:25
A-2. Chuck-a-luckSam McCracken 1:19
A-1. Eighth of JanuarySam McCracken 1:36