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Various artists

Label:Voyager V 304
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Arkansas travellerBill Long & Bill Mitchell
A-2. Rye whiskeyOra Spiva
A-3. New broomDick Barrett
A-4. WaggonnerBill Long
A-5. Snow deerDon Gish & Loyd Wanzer
A-6. Turkey in the strawRay Osborn
A-7. Jack of diamondsDick Barrett & Bill Long
A-8. Bailey'sL. M. Sexsmith
A-9. Cluck old henOra Spiva
A-10. Cluck old henBill Long
A-11. Spotted ponyPete McMahan
A-12. Fisher's hornpipeBill Mitchell & Vivian Williams
A-13. Cotton patch ragHerman Johnson
B-1. Whiskey before breakfastDick Barrett
B-2. Eighth of JanuaryBill Long & Ora Spiva
B-3. Victory breakdownL. M. Sexsmith
B-4. Cacklin' henRay Osborn
B-5. Charleston number twoBill Mitchell
B-6. Possum up the gum stumpDon Gish & Loyd Wanzer
B-7. Lost indianOra Spiva
B-8. Leather britchesBill Long, Bill Mitchell & Vivian Williams
B-9. Fiddler's dreamHerman Johnson
B-10. Fiddlin' ragBill Long
B-11. Hell on the WabashPete McMahan
B-12. TugboatDick Barrett
B-13. Sally GoodinBill Long & Bill Mitchell