Doc Watson & son

Doc Watson

Label:Vanguard VRS 9170
Release Date:1965-02
Country:United States ID: 2504235
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Song Information:

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A-1. Muskrat2:51
A-2. Weary blues2:10
A-3. Fiddle song medley2:09
A-4. Dream of the miner's child2:45
A-5. Rising Sun blues4:17
Composer:Clarence Ashley
A-6. Mama blues2:18
A-7. We shall all be reunited2:10
Composer:B. Bateman
B-1. Little stream of whiskey2:25
B-2. Little Sadie2:57
B-3. Beaumont rag1:37
B-4. Otto Wood, the bandit3:14
Composer:Gid Smith
B-5. The Faithful soldier3:09
B-6. Memphis blues1:32
Composer:Olin Miller
B-7. Gonna lay down my old guitar2:06
Composer:Delmore Brothers