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Doc Watson

Label:Vanguard VRS 9239
Release Date:1967-05
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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A-1. Down in the valley to pray1:57
A-2. Georgie2:42
Composer:Gaither W. Carlton, Doc Watson
A-3. The Old man below2:05
Composer:Gaither W. Carlton, Doc Watson
A-4. Katie Morey2:21
A-5. The F.F.V.4:01
Composer:Doc Watson, Mrs. G.D. Watson
A-6. A-rovin' on a winter's night3:22
Composer:Dolly Greer, Doc Watson
A-7. Dill pickle rag1:23
B-1. Sing song kitty2:16
B-2. Froggie went a-courtin'4:02
B-3. Pretty Saro2:42
B-4. Childhood play1:58
Composer:Alfred G. Karnes
B-5. Rain crow Bill1:45
Composer:Henry Whittier
B-6. Matty Groves6:02
Composer:Stewart Yonce, Dolly Green, Doc Watson
B-7. Victory rag1:44
Composer:Maybelle Carter