Live & pickin'

Doc & Merle Watson

Label:United Artists UA-LA943-H
Release Date:1979
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dig a little deeper in the well3:22
Composer:R. Rowling, J. Emerson
A-2. Milk cow blues4:31
Composer:K. Arnold
A-3. Wild Bill Jones2:40
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
A-4. Memories of you dear2:30
Composer:H. Huggins
A-5. Daybreak blues (blue yodel no. 12)3:50
Composer:J. Rodgers
A-6. Big Sandy / Leather britches1:40
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-1. Let the cocaine be2:20
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-2. All I have to do is dream2:38
Composer:B. Bryant
B-3. Got the blues (can't be satisfied)2:43
Composer:J. Hurt
B-4. St. James Hospital / Frosty morn6:12
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-5. Streamline Cannonball2:58
Composer:R. Acuff