Two days in November

Doc & Merle Watson

Label:Poppy PP-LA 210G
Release Date:1974
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Walk on boy2:43
Composer:W. Walker, M. Tillis
A-2. Poor boy blues2:20
Composer:Arr. Doc & Merle Watson
A-3. I'm going fishing2:38
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
A-4. Kinfolks in Caroline2:30
Composer:M. Travis
A-5. Lonesome moan3:35
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-1. Little beggar man/Old Joe Clark2:08
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-2. Kaw Liga2:47
Composer:F. Rose, H. Williams
B-3. The Train that carried my girl from town2:55
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-4. Snowbird2:53
Composer:G. MacLellan
B-5. Doc's rag1:43
Composer:Doc Watson