New Lost City Ramblers

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Folkways FA 2396
Release Date:1959-01
Country:United States ID: 4104071
   Google Play: B72mmh2obmcvbphwzdzvrlcvm4e

Song Information:

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A-1. Forked deer
A-2. Don't let your deal go down
A-3. Truly understand you love another man
A-4. Dallas rag
A-5. Tom cat blues
A-6. Railroading and gambling
A-7. Colored aristocracy
A-8. Sailor on the deep blue sea
A-9. East Virginia blues
B-1. Battleship of Maine
B-2. Davy
B-3. Roving gambler
B-4. Take a drink on me
B-5. Likes likker better than me
B-6. It's a shame to whip your wife on Sunday
B-7. Brown's ferry blues
B-8. The Old fish song
B-9. Crossed old Jordan's stream