35 years of the best in bluegrass, 1960-1995

Various artists

Label:Rebel REB 4000
Release Date:1996-09-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-03
County Sales:#262

Song Information:

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A-1. The children are cryingEarl Taylor & the Stoney Mountain Boys
A-2. This morning at nineSid Campbell
A-3. I could change my mindEarl Taylor & the Stoney Mountain Boys
A-4. Little birdieRed Allen & Frank Wakefield
A-5. In the pinesPete Pike
A-6. Blackberry blossomBilly Baker
A-7. Bringing Mary homeCountry Gentlemen
A-8. Close byRed Allen
A-9. Mandolin twistBuzz Busby
A-10. Your old standbyJim Eanes
A-11. No one to love me nowJim Eanes
A-12. Flat tops a-pickin'Don Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
A-13. Earl's breakdownDon Reno & Eddie Adcock
A-14. Amelia EarhartCountry Gentlemen
A-15. Is it timeBenny & Vallie Cain and the Country Clan
A-16. I can't stand this miseryClinton King & the Virginia Mountaineers
A-17. Fox on the runEmerson & Waldron
A-18. Lonesome nightEmerson & Waldron
A-19. WheelsEmerson & Waldron
A-20. Teach your childrenCountry Gentlemen
A-21. Four strong windsCliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass
A-22. Dixon County bluesCurly Ray Cline
A-23. Old time pickin'Ralph Stanley
A-24. Ice covered birchesCliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass
A-25. Falling leavesCliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass
A-26. Satan's jeweled crownCliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass
A-27. Fuji Mountain breakdownBluegrass 45
Composer:T. Otsuka
Place:R. D. Homer Associates
Instruments:Tsuyoshi "Josh" Otsuka-g; Akira "John" Otsuka-m; Toshio "Speedy" Watanabe-sb; Saburo "Sab" Watanabe-bj; Gakusei "Reo" Ryo-f
A-28. Don't cheat in our hometownKeith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs
A-29. Man of constant sorrowRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
B-1. Maple on the hillRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
B-2. Last train from Poor ValleySeldom Scene
B-3. Cold windRoy McMillan & the High Country Boys
B-4. Uncle Bill's stillAl Wood & the Smokey Ridge Boys
B-5. Eli RenfroShenandoah Cut-Ups
B-6. I know you riderSeldom Scene
B-7. My little Georgia roseSeldom Scene
B-8. Wait a minuteSeldom Scene
B-9. Panhandle ragJimmy Arnold
B-10. TrainIInd Generation
B-11. Children go where I send theeThe Marshall Family
B-12. Rain and snowDel McCoury & the Dixie Pals
B-13. Call collect on ChristmasDel McCoury & the Dixie Pals
B-14. Billy in the lowgroundTony Rice
B-15. Dark as a dungeonTony Rice
B-16. Georgia on my mindTony Rice
B-17. Drifting too far from the shoreRicky Skaggs
B-18. Hang your head in shameDel McCoury & the Dixie Pals
B-19. Across the sea bluesGoins Brothers
B-20. Draggin' the bowBuck Ryan
B-21. Hook and lineRicky Skaggs
B-22. 21 fiddle saluteRicky Skaggs
B-23. Lord, don't leave me hereCountry Gentlemen
B-24. Ages and ages agoCountry Gentlemen
B-25. Carolina in the pinesSouthbound
B-26. Wandering soulGoins Brothers
C-1. Traveling the highway homeRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
C-2. The God that never failsThe Marshall Family
C-3. John Deere tractorLarry Sparks
C-4. The rock pileBill Grant & Delia Bell
C-5. They're holding up the ladderEaster Brothers
C-6. Pastures of plentyDave Evans & River Bend
C-7. One loaf of breadDave Evans & River Bend
C-8. Harvest timeLost & Found
C-9. Wild mountain flowersLost & Found
C-10. Lost riverMcPeak Brothers
C-11. Daley's reelJohnny Warren
C-12. Jesse JamesJimmy Arnold
C-13. Reno boundBill Harrell & the Virginians
C-14. Your memorySummer Wages
C-15. I don't love nobodyJethro Burns & Red Rector
C-16. In my robe of whiteThe Forbes Family
C-17. GlorylandThe Forbes Family
C-18. Cold sheets of rainVirginia Squires
C-19. Tennessee 1949Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers
C-20. Sweet DixieBill Emerson
C-21. Don't neglect the roseLarry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers
C-22. I saw the Master this morningBill Harrell & the Virginians
C-23. Without mentioning your nameLarry Rice
C-24. I'll meet you in the morningAppalachian Express
C-25. Goin' goneRhonda Vincent
D-1. Turn your love downAsh & W
D-2. In His arms I'm not afraidJim Eanes
D-3. The bells of St. Mary'sRandall Hylton
D-4. My cabin in CarolineCurly Seckler & Willis Spears
D-5. Jackrabbit trailRandall Hylton
D-6. I found youFront Porch String Band
D-7. Hard times (come again no more)Front Porch String Band
D-8. Snap a finger, JesusRalph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
D-9. Hobo bluesLonesome River Band
D-10. You gotta do what you gotta doLonesome River Band
D-11. You won't be satisfied that wayPaul Adkins
D-12. Deepening snowRhonda Vincent
D-13. Erase the milesIIIrd Tyme Out
D-14. Forgiveness just ain't in her planBoys from Indiana
D-15. I've just seen the rock of agesLarry Sparks
D-16. DesperatelyDavid Parmley
D-17. Cold Virginia nightRonnie Bowman
D-18. Thy burdens are greater than mineCharlie Sizemore
D-19. Grandpa's mandolinIIIrd Tyme Out
D-20. My last runRic-O-Chet
D-21. I call you nameLou Reid & Carolina
D-22. Beaumont ragRichard Greene
D-23. A broken heart keeps beatin'Traditional Grass
D-24. Heart and soulGillis Brothers
D-25. Lonesome pineBlue Highway