On the Great Divide

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Folkways FTS 31041
Release Date:1975
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 3419720
   Google Play: Bvtyh5gbvyimjc46hwigkzonmd4

Song Information:

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9. Cotton eyed Joe
A-1. John Brown's dream
A-2. Old Johnny Booker won't do
A-3. Railroading on the Great Divide
A-4. Love of Polly and Jack Monroe
A-5. Walking boss
A-6. Who killed poor Robin
A-7. The old man at the mill
A-8. On our turpentine farm
A-9. Little Satchel
B-1. Dry and dusty
B-2. If the river was whiskey
B-3. Come all you tender hearted
B-4. The time's been swiftly rolling by
B-5. There's coming a time
B-6. A night at the country opera
B-7. Hawkins rag
B-8. La valse de bambocheurs (Drunkard's sorrow waltz)