Rural delivery no. 1

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Verve/Folkways FV 9003
Release Date:1965-09
Country:United States ID: 3391584
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Song Information:

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A-1. Going down the river2:37
A-2. The Cyclone of Rye Cove3:00
A-3. Sweet Willie2:02
A-4. I've always been a rambler3:12
A-5. Old Joe Bone1:57
A-6. Durham's bull1:33
A-7. Automobile trip through Alabama3:15
A-8. Bachelor blues3:00
A-9. Train on the island2:30
B-1. Pretty Polly3:08
B-2. Soldier and the lady2:43
B-3. Gold watch and chain2:55
B-4. The Days of my childhood plays2:00
B-5. Fishing creek blues1:58
B-6. Hungry hash-house3:00
B-7. Rubber neck blues2:15
B-8. Twenty-one years2:30
B-9. Rosa Lee McFall2:35