String band instrumentals

New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Folkways FA 2492
Release Date:1964-11
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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A-1. Saddle up the grey1:53
Instruments:John Cohen-g; Tracy Schwarz-f; Mike Seeger-f
Vocals:John Cohen-V
A-2. Greenback dollar2:38
Instruments:Mike Seeger-g; John Cohen-bj; Tracy Schwarz-f
Vocals:Mike Seeger-V
A-3. Victory rag1:58
Instruments:John Cohen-g; Mike Seeger-autoharp
A-4. Soldier's joy2:08
Instruments:John Cohen-bj
A-5. Blackeyed Susie1:49
Instruments:John Cohen-bj; Tracy Schwarz-f; Mike Seeger-f
Vocals:Mike Seeger-V
A-6. My wife died on Saturday night2:15
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-g; John Cohen-bj; Mike Seeger-mouth harp
Vocals:Mike Seeger-V
A-7. John Brown's dream2:18
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; John Cohen-bj
A-8. Jenny on the railroad2:01
Instruments:Mike Seeger-f; Tracy Schwarz-f
A-9. Take me back to Georgia1:30
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; John Cohen-g; Mike Seeger-bj
A-10. Chinese breakdown2:18
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; John Cohen-g; Mike Seeger-bj
B-1. Yellow rose of Texas2:27
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; Mike Seeger-bj; John Cohen-bj
Vocals:Mike Seeger-V
B-2. Cowboy waltz1:44
Instruments:Mike Seeger-f; Tracy Schwarz-g; John Cohen-md
B-3. Stone's rag1:55
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; John Cohen-g; Mike Seeger-autoharp/mouth harp
B-4. Smoketown strut2:11
Instruments:Mike Seeger-g
B-5. Jackson stomp2:25
Instruments:John Cohen-bj-md; Tracy Schwarz-g
B-6. Going to jail1:36
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; John Cohen-g; Mike Seeger-bj
B-7. Bill Cheatham2:30
Instruments:Tracy Schwarz-f; Mike Seeger-bj
B-8. Shout Lulu1:57
Instruments:John Cohen-bj
B-9. Weary lonesome blues2:43
Instruments:Mike Seeger-lead g; John Cohen-rhythm g
B-10. New lost train blues2:35
Instruments:Mike Seeger-f; John Cohen-g
B-11. New Camptown Races2:13
Instruments:Mike Seeger-md; Tracy Schwarz-bj; John Cohen-bj