Underneath a harvest moon

Gibson Brothers Bluegrass Band

Label:Big Elm CD 4194
Release Date:1994-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1994-09

Song Information:

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1. Old memory2:30
2. Underneath a harvest moon2:22
3. The You're running wild2:12
4. I can't like myself2:13
5. Your man in the middle2:25
6. Just friends2:34
7. Hand me down my walking cane3:15
8. Tears of yesterday2:50
9. Satan's jeweled crown3:50
10. I never was too much2:38
11. I'll break out again tonight2:54
12. Forty years2:53
13. Girl of my dreams2:35
14. The newness has survived3:21
15. How mountain girls can love1:59