W. C. Henderson & Company

Wayne Henderson

Label:Hay Holler HHH-CD 107
Release Date:1994-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1994-10
   Amazon ASIN: B000E60T9M
   Google Play: Bme327kinslltgg4cmhymx3rjla

Song Information:

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1. Hey, good lookin'2:23
2. Hangman's reel3:52
3. St. Anne's reel3:29
4. Whistlin' Rufus3:04
5. Handsome Molly3:03
6. Bill Bailey (won't you come home)2:47
7. Billy in the lowground3:12
8. Carter Family medley2:36
9. Spinning wheel2:56
10. The cat came back3:15
11. Salty4:43
12. Alabama jubilee3:06
13. Sweet fern3:40
14. Whiskey before breakfast3:17
15. Back up and push3:08
16. Sweet sunny South3:22
17. Peace in the valley3:13