Chubby Wise in Nashville

Chubby Wise

Label:Pinecastle PRC 1031
Release Date:1994-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1994-10

Song Information:

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13. Footprints in the snow2:38
12. Down yonder3:30
11. Daddy blues2:37
10. Near the cross3:08
9. I'm just here to get my baby out of jail3:06
8. Cherokee waltz3:34
7. Waitin' on the Robert E. Lee3:30
6. If I could hear my mother pray again3:08
5. Georgiana moon waltz3:01
4. Carroll County blues2:49
3. A petal from a faded rose2:57
2. Trouble in mind2:51
1. Fireball mail2:37