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Label:Platinum PT 195
Release Date:1991
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. What a fool I was to fall3:21
Composer:Don Gibson
A-2. Dark hollow2:49
Composer:Bill Browning
A-3. Too hot to handle2:44
Composer:Eddie Noack
A-4. There goes my love2:27
Composer:Buck Owens
A-5. Forever Autumn5:13
Composer:J. Wayne, P. Vigrass, G. Osborne
B-1. Free roamin' mind3:45
Composer:Sonny James, Carol Smith
B-2. Sometimes you just can't win3:24
Composer:Smokey Stover
B-3. Bluefire2:32
Composer:Mark Rickart
B-4. Crying in the chapel3:14
Composer:Artie Glenn
B-5. Tragedy3:33
Composer:G. Nelson, F. Burch