Tonight I feel like Texas

Barbara Lamb

Label:Sugar Hill SHCD 3860
Release Date:1996
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1997-04
   Amazon ASIN: B000000F5E

Song Information:

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1. Barefoot Nellie2:32
2. Herman's rag3:08
3. Tonight I feel like Texas4:48
4. Forked deer2:13
5. Riding on the Rio3:00
6. Satin doll2:47
7. Say old man, can you play one for me?4:47
8. I'll grab my saddlehorn and blow3:14
9. Bill Cheatham2:36
10. You done me wrong2:13
11. Tennessee breakdown2:57
12. Birthday waltz2:58
13. Bumblebee in the gourdvine2:30