Bluegrass from the gold country

Vern Williams Band

Label:Rounder CD 0131
Release Date:1997-02
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1997-08

Song Information:

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1. Cabin on a mountain2:53
2. Come back to me in my dreams3:00
3. When springtime comes again2:49
4. Cowboy Jack3:38
5. 'Til the day I die2:32
6. Field of flowers2:37
7. Oh Susannah2:42
8. Down among the budded roses3:34
9. Darling Nellie2:24
10. The old home town2:51
11. Old Kentucky home2:45
12. Clinch Mountain home4:19
13. Black eyed Susie2:02
14. I'm walking the dog2:47
15. Foggy mountain top2:56
16. Who's going to town2:01
17. Thinking of home2:48
18. Picture on the wall3:08
19. Old black Joe3:42
20. Arkansas traveler2:26
21. You'd better get right1:48
22. Old folks at home4:07