Blue rambler 2

Laurel Canyon Ramblers

Label:Sugar Hill SH-CD 3852
Release Date:1996-06-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1997-05

Song Information:

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14. RU4 reel (reprise)1:40
13. Wait a minute4:14
12. It won't be long2:59
11. I wonder if I care as much3:19
10. words she writes tonight2:17
9. Just when I needed you2:50
8. Whistles on the trains2:34
7. The weasel1:39
6. Shake hands with mother again2:57
5. Hold on2:24
4. Preachin', prayin', singin'2:33
3. Here today and gone tomorrow3:00
2. Bad case of the blues2:28
1. RU4 reel1:02