Glamour & grits

Sam Bush

Label:Sugar Hill SHCD 3849
Release Date:1996-04-23
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-09 ID: 7547562
   Amazon ASIN: B000000F4U
   Google Play: Bwlqht3ia5ehomrr2h2w2hjigyq

Song Information:

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1. Whayasay6:08
2. Same ol' river5:39
3. All night radio4:41
4. Stingray5:21
5. The ballad of Spider John4:24
6. Watson Allman3:15
7. Is this love5:18
8. Brilliancy2:20
9. Spooky lane4:01
10. Ol' Joe Clark5:07
11. The Lord came unto me2:50
12. One night in old Galway4:30