Shine hallelujah shine

The Bluegrass Band

Label:Hay Holler HHH-CD 201
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1992-05

Song Information:

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1-1. Get in line brother
1-2. Lord protect my soul
1-3. A voice from on high
1-4. Drifting too far from the shore
1-5. A beautiful life
1-6. Stormy waters
1-7. Going home
1-8. Tree of life
1-9. House of gold
1-10. Little community church
1-11. Precious memories
1-12. Shake my mother's hand for me
1-13. So happy I'll be
1-14. Lord, build me a cabin in Glory
1-15. I'll meet you in church Sunday morning
1-16. On the Jericho road
1-17. Angels rock me to sleep
1-18. Way down deep in my soul
1-19. What would you give in exchange for your soul
1-20. You can feel it in your soul
1-21. Let the light shine down on me
2-22. Crying holy unto my Lord
2-23. River of death
2-24. Lord, lead me on
2-25. Hide me rock of ages
2-26. I'm working on a road to Gloryland
2-27. You're drifting away
2-28. I'm traveling on and on
2-29. Just a little talk with Jesus
2-30. Get down on your knees and pray
2-31. God loves His children
2-32. Jesus, hold my hand
2-33. Wicked path of sin
2-34. He took your place
2-35. This world is not my home
2-36. Shine, hallelujah, shine
2-37. Old country baptizing
2-38. I am a pilgrim
2-39. Gone home
2-40. I'll meet you in the mornin'
2-41. He will set your fields on fire
2-42. House of gold
2-43. Wayfaring stranger