The fiddler

Charlie Moore & his Dixie Partners

Label:Old Homestead OHCD 90052
Release Date:1996-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-12

Song Information:

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1. The fiddler2:36
Composer:Charlie Moore
2. The legend of the rebel soldier2:35
Composer:C. Moore
3. Flying south1:50
Composer:C. Walker
4. Amanda2:36
5. The letter2:00
Composer:C. Moore
6. Listen to my hammer ring3:30
Composer:Aubrey Holt
7. Brown Mountain light3:08
Composer:S. Wiseman
8. You've been a friend babe1:51
Composer:C. Moore
9. Remember me2:25
10. Lonesome river2:37
11. Billy in the low ground1:55
12. I heard my mother weeping3:08
Composer:Story Blanchard