Blue grass and country featuring the Wear Family

The Wear Family

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 147
Release Date:1966
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Those brown eyes
A-2. Fiddling rag
A-3. Maple on the hill
A-4. Bully of the town
A-5. Beautiful brown eyes
A-6. Buffalo gal
A-7. Katy dear
A-8. Sweet Evelina
A-9. Give my love to Nell
A-10. Frozen logger
B-1. Better times a comin'Ray Godfrey
B-2. Shut your big fat mouthErnie Cook
B-3. Take back your nameErnie Cook
B-4. ShiloBoys from Shiloh
B-5. Pretty PollyBoys from Shiloh
B-6. The volunteerAutry Inman
B-7. Milk cow bluesDeWayne Wear & the Wear Family
B-8. GrandpaBill Carter
B-9. Coal minerJohnny Tyler
B-10. It felt so goodJohnny Tyler