Bar room daze

Humber River Valley Boys

Label:Posterity PWS 011
Release Date:1978
Country:Canada ID: 4765385

Song Information:

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A-1. Detour2:54
A-2. Campbell's farewell to Red Castle2:04
A-3. Little whitewashed chimney2:44
A-4. Mister engineer2:50
A-5. Stone Mountain wobble2:18
A-6. I cried again2:48
A-7. Billy in the lowground2:35
B-1. Red haired boy/Mason's apron4:30
B-2. Crossties on the railroad3:47
B-3. Eating out of your hand2:47
B-4. Sandy River belle/June apple2:05
B-5. Little Maggie3:26
B-6. High on a mountain2:40