Bluegrass breakdown

Various artists

Label:Vanguard VCD 77006
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1992-08
County Sales:#188

Song Information:

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1. New broomByron Berline
2. Old LoganByron Berline
3. Crazy CreekByron Berline
4. Dusty millerByron Berline
5. How mountain girls can loveStanley Brothers
6. A man of constant sorrowStanley Brothers
7. Big TildaStanley Brothers
Recording Date:1964-07-25
Place:Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Harold "Red" Stanley-f; George Shuffler-lead g; Benny Howard Birchfield-sb
8. Orange Blossom SpecialStanley Brothers
9. Leather britchesFiddlin' Arthur Smith
10. Blackberry blossomFiddlin' Arthur Smith
11. Levee breakin' bluesGreenbriar Boys
12. At the end of a long lonesome dayGreenbriar Boys
13. Old Joe ClarkDillards
14. Ground hogDillards
15. Banjo in the hollowDillards
16. Polly VaughnDillards
17. Dueling banjosDillards
18. Alabama jubileeFiddlin' Arthur Smith
19. Sourwood MountainFiddlin' Arthur Smith
20. You better get right little darlin'New York Ramblers
21. I'm coming back but I don't know whenNew York Ramblers
22. Cedar HillNew York Ramblers
23. Tell it to meNew York Ramblers
24. Mule skinner bluesBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
25. Blue moon of KentuckyBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
26. Walls of timeBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 4:59
Recording Date:1965
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
27. Somebody touched meBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
28. Bluegrass breakdownBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys