Bluegrass forever

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8052
Release Date:2000-09-12
Country:United States

Song Information:

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16. Suite, Judy blue eyesDavid West
15. Annie's songMark Thornton
14. Small townBrent Truitt
13. Born to runDavid West
12. Song remains the sameDennis Caplinger
11. MelissaButch Baldassari
10. You got luckyDavid West
9. Wide open spacesMark Thornton
8. Sleeping bagBrent Truitt
7. Angel from MontgomeryDennis Caplinger
6. Whipping postButch Baldassari
5. Already goneDavid West
4. Babe, I'm gonna leave youKenny Blackwell
3. Paint it blackBrent Truitt
2. The firemanMark Thornton
1. Till the morning comesDavid West