Humphrey & the Dumptrucks

Label:United Artists UALA 103F
Release Date:1973
Country:United States ID: 6684695

Song Information:

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A-1. Blackpool rock1:25
A-2. Old old movies2:20
A-3. Street vendor2:18
A-4. I broke a promise3:52
A-5. Third song2:55
A-6. North of College Drive1:54
A-7. Thinkin' of home2:11
A-8. Ordinary people2:48
B-1. Snowball (if wishes were horses)2:34
B-2. Dandelion1:50
B-3. Remember I sawed the legs off your table3:25
B-4. Oldsmobile2:25
B-5. Spring song1:34
B-6. Alabama girl3:26
B-7. Please don't throw my record in the wastebin3:02
B-8. Blackstrap breakdown1:27