Take you to the sky

Northern Lights

Label:Flying Fish FF 70533
Release Date:1990
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1991-07

Song Information:

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1. Northern rail4:42
Composer:Taylor Armerding
2. Hold watcha got2:57
Composer:Jimmy Martin
3. The Roseville Fair3:29
Composer:William R. Staines
4. Early morning riser3:40
Composer:Bill Henry
5. Let it roll4:17
Composer:Bill Payne-Paul Barrere, Martin Kibbee
6. T for Texas3:17
Composer:Jimmie Rodgers
7. Winterhawk3:33
Composer:Taylor Armerding
8. Home brew fever2:40
Composer:Jimmy Crawford
9. April snow4:06
Composer:Mike Kropp
10. Souvenirs3:54
Composer:John Prine
11. Back on my mind again3:14
Composer:Ernest Ashforth
12. Bourree7:02
Composer:J.S. Bach
13. Borealis blues
Composer:Bill Henry