A place of my own

Raymond W. McLain

Label:Flying Fish FF 70597
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-01
County Sales:#192
   Amazon ASIN: B000000MT5

Song Information:

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1. On the road1:37
2. A place of my own4:18
3. Cotton eyed Joe2:14
4. Silver Creek1:32
5. Windswept2:20
6. Wild fiddler's rag2:52
7. Bells of St. Mary's3:16
8. Raymond's breakdown1:39
9. Cannonball blues4:15
10. Kitten on the keys2:42
11. Ain't gonna work tomorrow2:51
12. Shuckin' the corn2:54
13. Maiden's prayer4:03