Classic bluegrass

Dave Evans

Label:Rebel CD 1119
Release Date:1994-08-25
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023P

Song Information:

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1. Be proud of the gray in your hair3:35
2. You won't be satisfied this way2:17
3. One loaf of bread4:50
4. If I ever get back to old Kentucky3:34
5. Wild Bill Jones2:49
6. Pastures of plenty4:07
7. Another night3:45
8. Just to hear her sweet voice3:36
9. Play me a song, little blind boy2:51
10. You'll never walk the streets of gold2:27
11. Only one was true4:16
12. When the snow falls on my foggy mountain home3:02
13. Six feet under the ground2:14
14. The drunkard's dream3:09
15. Poor rambler2:24
16. Shenandoah waltz3:03
17. I'll be on that good road someday2:45