Goin' up Copper Creek

Various artists

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 0112
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1992-05
County Sales:#184

Song Information:

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Baby, I'm all washed up with youGary & Jim Brewer
Big RoanCharlie Cline
Billy in the lowgroundPer Christophersson & Thomas Haglund
Black Mountain ragCharlie Cline
Chewing gumGary & Jim Brewer
Eddie's hoedownJohnson Mountain Boys
Home sweet homePer Christophersson & Thomas Haglund
I have no one to love meGary & Jim Brewer
John HenryCharlie Cline
Long goneRalph Stanley
My rose of old KentuckyRalph Stanley
No depressionJohnson Mountain Boys
Old folksPer Christophersson & Thomas Haglund
Paul and SilasRickey Wasson
Sittin' alone in the moonlightJohnson Mountain Boys
ThumbingCharlie Cline
Two flowers bloomingRalph Stanley
Way down deepRalph Stanley
Where we'll never dieJohnson Mountain Boys
Where we'll never grow oldRickey Wasson
Wild IndianPer Christophersson & Thomas Haglund
Will the roses bloom in HeavenRickey Wasson
Yonder comes a suckerGary & Jim Brewer
You go to your churchRickey Wasson