The banjos that destroyed the world : the fastest 5-string banjo instrumentals of all time

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 6275
Release Date:1995-05-23
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1995-11

Song Information:

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16. I've got a womanWynn Osborne
15. Foggy Mountain breakdownWynn Osborne
14. Limehouse bluesDon Reno
13. Earl's breakdownWynn Osborne
12. Farewell bluesWynn Osborne
11. Charlotte breakdownDon Reno
10. Bugle call ragWynn Osborne
9. Heartbreak MountainThe Stonemans
8. Take it easyNashville Superpickers
7. Dear old DixieWynn Osborne
6. Paperback writerNashville Superpickers
5. Banjo signalWynn Osborne
4. Flint Hill specialWynn Osborne
3. Maryville breakdownPinnacle Boys
2. Randy Lynn ragWynn Osborne
1. Bluegrass breakdownWynn Osborne