A beautiful life

Bass Mountain Boys

Label:CMH CD 9042
Release Date:1990
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1991-05

Song Information:

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24. I'll shout and shine
23. So happy I'll be
22. Who'll sing for me
21. Lord, lead me on
20. Wonderful Saviour
19. Echoes from the burning bush
18. Springtime in Heaven
17. Jesus, hold my hand
16. Going home
15. Satisfied
14. Those lonely tombs
13. I like to hear 'em preach it
12. Story of the Pharisees
11. You go to your church (and I'll go to mine)
10. It's no secret (what God can do)
9. Get behind me Satan
8. My Lord keeps a record
7. Just over in the glory land
6. Avenue of prayer
5. I'll be no stranger
4. On the Jericho road
3. Hand reached down
2. I feel like traveling on
1. A beautiful life