Heart of a singer

Hazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Ginny Hawker

Label:Rounder CD 0443
Release Date:1998-10-20
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1999-05

Song Information:

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13. Coming down from God2:42
12. Time is winding up4:17
11. Let me go4:01
10. I can't find your love anymore2:35
9. Old river2:58
8. Jealous heart3:39
7. Faded pressed rose3:51
6. Times are not what they used to be4:16
5. Love me or leave me alone2:29
4. Old memories mean nothing to me4:16
3. Not a word of that be said4:09
2. Lay me to rest2:50
1. Forsaken lover3:57