Never an adult moment

Austin Lounge Lizards

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 3918
Release Date:2000-08-29
Country:United States
Barcode:015891391823 ID: 4756981
   Amazon ASIN: B00004W5EH
   Google Play: Bksmi7s4hkx3smug5ofdqpvj5wi

Song Information:

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1. Grunge song2:34
2. Hillbillies in a haunted house4:35
3. Forty years old and I'm living in my mom's garage3:23
4. Rasputin's HMO2:54
5. A hundred miles of dry3:06
6. Big Rio Grande River4:17
7. Illusion travels by stock car3:29
8. Big ol' bone3:03
9. The me I used to be2:55
10. Waitin' on a call from Don3:01
11. Beautiful waitress3:12
12. Ashville/Crashville2:43