Tried & true

Dry Branch Fire Squad

Label:Rounder CD 11519
Release Date:1988
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0000003M6
   Google Play: Bk55q24y4v2trtbijd7p5jk6a3e

Song Information:

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1. Down south in New Orleans2:30
2. Brand new Tennessee waltz3:24
3. Someone play Dixie for me3:39
4. Going up on the mountain2:04
5. Auction at the home place3:51
6. Legend of the Johnson Boys2:58
7. Aragon Mill4:18
8. Goin' across the mountain2:37
9. Faded coat of blue4:04
10. Wild mountain honey2:02
11. Little girl and the dreadful snake3:31
12. Oh! What a storm2:04
13. She's more to be pitied3:02
14. Cripple Creek1:05
15. Golden ring4:17
16. There's dust on the Bible3:53
17. Cowboy Jim2:22
18. Walking back to Richmond3:17
19. Golgotha7:02