Dust on the needle

Tony Trischka

Label:Rounder CD 11508
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1990-08

Song Information:

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20. Salt Creek
19. Looking for the light
18. New York chimes
17. John's waltz to the miller
16. Blown down wall
15. The Divine Ms. D
14. Evansbow
13. His mouth is in his forehead
12. Black Mountain rag
11. You won't know 'til you find out
10. Dust on the needle / Paddy Kelly's jig
9. Roberto's dream
8. Heartlands
7. Soddy daisy
6. Slapback
5. Roll in my sweet baby's arms
4. Jerzy the peddler
3. The only way
2. Twelve weeks at sea
1. Crossville breakdown