Dust on the needle

Tony Trischka

Label:Rounder CD 11508
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1990-08
   Amazon ASIN: B0000003LS

Song Information:

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1. Crossville breakdown2:44
2. Twelve weeks at sea3:38
3. The only way4:20
4. Jerzy the peddler2:16
5. Roll in my sweet baby's arms2:33
6. Slapback2:57
7. Soddy daisy2:32
8. Heartlands2:58
9. Roberto's dream4:45
10. Dust on the needle / Paddy Kelly's jig4:06
11. You won't know 'til you find out2:10
12. Black Mountain rag2:57
13. His mouth is in his forehead4:19
14. Evansbow2:02
15. The Divine Ms. D2:31
16. Blown down wall3:33
17. John's waltz to the miller4:03
18. New York chimes3:03
19. Looking for the light2:39
20. Salt Creek4:11