Johnson Mountain Boys

Label:Rounder CD 11509
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0000003LT

Song Information:

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1. Tomorrow I'll be gone2:20
2. Mother's voice is in the wind4:26
3. Georgia stomp2:30
4. Weary hobo3:13
5. God's not dead2:54
6. Making up stories2:11
7. Iron curtain2:39
8. Let's part the best of friends2:22
9. Five speed2:49
10. Misery loves company2:58
11. The waves on the sea4:00
12. Weathered gray stone4:29
13. John Henry, the steel drivin' man1:49
14. We'll still sing on2:57
15. When I can forget3:21
16. Sugarloaf Mountain special2:10
17. Don't throw your life away2:56
18. I've found a hiding place3:28
19. Wild and wicked world3:54
20. Blue yodel #42:25