A bluegrass jamboree with the Osborne Brothers

Osborne Brothers

Label:Jasmine JASMCD 3666
Release Date:2014
Country:United Kingdom
   Discogs.com ID: 7428349
   Amazon ASIN: B00L3EZ7OQ

Song Information:

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1. Jessie James2:05
2. Old Hickory1:42
3. Seeing Nellie home2:11
4. John Henry blues2:39
5. Red wing2:46
6. Old Joe Clark1:47
7. Walking cane1:35
8. Big Ben1:57
9. Banjo boy chimes1:30
10. Lost Indian2:22
11. Billy in the low ground1:51
12. Cumberland Gap1:25
13. The black sheep returned to the fold2:15
14. Lonely lonely me2:08
15. You'll never know (how much it hurts)1:58
16. At the first fall of snow2:37
17. It's just the idea2:15
18. There's a woman behind every man2:08
19. Each season changes you2:15
20. Blame me2:04
21. Give this message to your heart2:20
22. Fair and tender ladies2:34
23. I love only you2:19
24. Sweethearts again2:41
25. Five days of Heaven2:22
26. It ain't gonna rain no mo'2:23