Industry and thrift

Bad Livers

Label:Sugar Hill SHCD 3887
Release Date:1998-09-15
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1999-01 ID: 3935063
   Amazon ASIN: B00000AFQI

Song Information:

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1. Lumpy, beanpole & dirt5:20
2. I'm goin' back to Mom and Dad2:55
3. I'm convicted3:22
4. Brand new hat4:15
5. Hollywood blues7:32
6. Honey, I've found a brand new way5:11
6. It's all the same to me
7. A Yid ist geboren inz Oklahoma3:57
8. Captain, oh captain5:26
9. Jalopy1:53
10. Doin' my time5:43
11. Cannonball rag4:12
12. Anna Lee4:14
13. Bonus instrumental track3:27