Jazz with bluegrass and blues

Tim Lake

Label:Padraig ?
Release Date:1999-11-02
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000008QQU

Song Information:

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1. Jazz with bluegrass & blues3:09
2. Everybody walks with Jesus2:58
3. I come from Kentucky2:25
4. Fire with love3:43
5. A loser's attitude3:35
6. Sheehan's smile2:47
7. Big old ambur oak3:36
8. If it weren't for growing up3:08
9. Conservative clothes3:40
10. A great country7:45
11. A big fat blowhard like you4:40
12. Homein my eyes3:21
13. Are you happy?1:42
14. Handel's Dueling banjos con alleluia y sarabande4:37