My Rocky River home

Williamson Brothers

Label:Mandolin Central MCP 003
Release Date:1998
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-09

Song Information:

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14. Sides of the road3:34
13. A touch of the past2:44
12. Knoxville girl3:45
11. New River Train2:42
10. It won't be long3:10
9. Whispering hope2:31
8. It's an unfriendly world3:54
7. Where the roses never fade2:48
6. Singing waterfall3:00
5. Red wing2:12
4. Shadows on the hill4:24
3. My Rocky River home3:49
2. My darlin' Nellie Gray3:22
1. I'm going back to the mountains3:30