Everybody's Grandpa

Grandpa Jones

Label:Bear Family BCD 15788
Release Date:1996
BG Unlimited:1998-04
   Discogs.com ID: 5036771
   Amazon ASIN: B0000282SM

Song Information:

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A-1. It's raining here this morning
A-2. Banjo Sam
A-3. My darling's not my darling anymore
A-4. Going 'cross the sea
A-5. Groundhog
A-6. Mighty long way to travel
A-7. Make the rafters ring
A-8. All night long
A-9. Count your blessings
A-10. East bound freight train
A-11. I guess you don't remember now
A-12. I've just been gone too long
A-13. Tritzen yodel
A-14. T for Texas
A-15. Any old time
A-16. Waitin' for a train
A-17. My Carolina sunshine girl
A-18. Dear old sunny South
A-19. My little lady
A-20. Brakeman's blues
A-21. Lullaby yodel
A-22. Peach picking time in Georgia
A-23. Hobo Bill
A-24. Away out on the mountain
A-25. Roll along Kentucky moon
A-26. Waiting for a train
A-27. You and my old guitar
A-28. T for Texas
A-29. Tritzem yodel
B-1. The ladies man
B-2. The thing
B-3. I don't love nobody
B-4. Hip cat's wedding
B-5. These hills
B-6. Billy Yank and Johnny Reb
B-7. Goodbye Reb
B-8. Willis Mayberry
B-9. Sweet Fern
B-10. Night train to Memphis
B-11. Rosalee
B-12. Somewhere somebody's waiting for you
B-13. Kickin' mule
B-14. Liza's up the 'simmon tree
B-15. Chicken don't roost too high
B-16. Going from the cotton fields
B-17. Tragic romance
B-18. Methodist pie
B-19. Fatal wedding
B-20. What does the deep sea say?
B-21. I'm tying the leaves (so they won't come down)
B-22. Oh Captain, Captain
B-23. Devilish Mary
B-24. The ladies man
B-25. Hip cat's wedding
B-26. Night train to Memphis
C-1. Are you from Dixie?
C-2. Root hog root
C-3. Falling leaves
C-4. Here comes the champion
C-5. Banjo am the instrument
C-6. Spring time comes but once a year
C-7. Eight more miles to Louisville
C-8. The little old lady
C-9. Springtime comes but once a year
C-10. Eight more miles to Louisville
C-11. Eight more miles to Louisville
C-12. On the Jericho road
C-13. I'll meet you in the morning
C-14. Gone home
C-15. Keep on the firing line
C-16. Just over in the Gloryland
C-17. Old camp meetin' time
C-18. Empty mansion
C-19. When I get to the end of the way
C-20. The glory land way
C-21. Turn your radio on
C-22. No tears in Heaven
C-23. Lonesome trainRamona Jones
C-24. Sandy landRamona Jones
C-25. Send me a red roseRamona Jones
C-26. Christmas roses
C-27. Christmas guest
D-1. Heart full of love
D-2. Goin' down to the river
D-3. Moon of Arizona
D-4. Steady drips of water
D-5. Everything I had going for me is gone
D-6. Don't look back
D-7. Trouble in mind
D-8. Trouble in mind
D-9. That's all this old world needs
D-10. Bill's gonna soon be home
D-11. Mountain laurel
D-12. Smoke, smoke, smoke (but not around me)
D-13. I've learned to leave that to the Lord
D-14. Old troupe dog
D-15. Sweet lips (Battle of King's Mountain)
D-16. Plans
D-17. I'll just keep living along
D-18. King of the Cannon County hills
D-19. Mountain dew
D-20. Old Rattler
D-21. Old Blue
D-22. Grasshopper McClain
D-23. Old Bill
D-24. Goin' down to the river
E-1. The valley of the never do no good
E-2. Four stone walls
E-3. A dollar short
E-4. Coal camp
E-5. Here I am makin' plans
E-6. Green hills of home
E-7. Are you sleeping daddy darlin'
E-8. Nashville on my mind
E-9. The mountain man
E-10. Deep dark corner of my mind
E-11. Baby-o
E-12. My old lady
E-13. Brown girl and fair Eleanor
E-14. Four winds a-blowin'
E-15. Intro
E-16. Fix me a pallet
E-17. Joke
E-18. Dooley
E-19. Joke
E-20. The air, the sunshine, and the rain
E-21. Joke
E-22. Castles in the air
E-23. Joke
E-24. Old Rattler's pup
E-25. Joke
E-26. My Bonnie lies over the ocean
E-27. Rocky Top
E-28. Joke
E-29. I don't love nobody
E-30. John Henry
E-31. The last ol' shevel
E-32. Joke
E-33. Southern bound
E-34. 15 cents is all I got