Mama likes bluegrass music

Raymond Fairchild & the Frosty Mountain Boys

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 159
Release Date:1997
Country:United States

Song Information:

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23. May I sleep in your barn tonight mister?Raymond Fairchild
22. Rabbit in the logRaymond Fairchild
21. Pat's train specialRaymond Fairchild
20. Black eyed SusieRaymond Fairchild
19. Worried mountainRaymond Fairchild
18. You are my flowerRaymond Fairchild
17. Mama likes bluegrass musicRaymond Fairchild
16. Ride my blues awayRaymond Fairchild
15. Frosty mountain on fireRaymond Fairchild
14. Wings of a doveRaymond Fairchild
13. Kicking muleRaymond Fairchild
12. Faymond's Frosty mountain bluesRaymond Fairchild
11. Flying turkeyRaymond Fairchild
10. Rolling in my sweet baby's armsRaymond Fairchild
9. Cripple CreekRaymond Fairchild
8. Foggy mountain topRaymond Fairchild
7. I ain't gonna work tomorrowRaymond Fairchild
6. Casey JonesRaymond Fairchild
5. Raymond's repearting banjoRaymond Fairchild
4. Lost to a strangerRaymond Fairchild
3. Little MaggieRaymond Fairchild
2. DixieRaymond Fairchild
1. Slew footRaymond Fairchild