17 mountain gems played at 30th Annual Fiddler's Convention, Galax, Virginia

Various artists

Label:No label ZAFX 6512274
Release Date:1965
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Slew FootBorder Riders
A-2. Lee Hiway bluesBlue Ridge Ramblers
A-3. Gray eagleThe Mountain Ramblers
A-4. Raggedy AnnMidnight Ramblers
A-5. Grave in the bend of the valleyCross Country Boys
A-6. Don't say goodbyeShady Valley Boys
A-7. Have a drink on meDixie Ramblers
B-1. Scotch medleyWest Virginia Playboys
B-2. FortuneSpring Valley Boys
B-3. Old Joe ClarkCountry Cousins
B-4. Let me fallCamp Creek Boys
B-5. Salty dog bluesDixie Partners
B-6. Leather britchesKessinger Brothers
B-7. Autumn leavesTwin County Ramblers
B-8. LibertySons of the Blue Ridge
B-9. Twinkle, twinkle little starGrayson County Boys
B-10. Whoa muleSunny Mountain Boys