Old Southern porches

Dale Ann Bradley

Label:Pinecastle PRC 1087
Release Date:1999
Country:United States
County Sales:#233

Song Information:

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B-6. Stuck in the middle with you3:16
B-5. Old Southern porches3:10
B-4. This old heart of mine3:22
B-3. Letting go of you is surely killing me2:56
B-2. Meghan's smile3:02
B-1. Rain on the roof2:32
A-6. I'll stop loving you with style2:56
A-5. What am I doing loving you again?4:41
A-4. Heading back to you2:22
A-3. Steady as a rock2:56
A-2. A face on a poster3:05
A-1. Reason enough3:42