The original band

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

Label:Sugar Hill SH-CD 2210
Release Date:1999-02-16
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1999-04

Song Information:

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22. The lonesome river3:58
21. Heart of a little mountain girl2:49
20. I'll be around somewhere2:25
19. Calm the storm1:45
18. Kentucky song2:52
17. Poet with wings2:51
16. Yellow river3:14
15. Rocking on the waves2:51
14. Til the rivers all run dry3:41
13. Georgia girl3:05
12. Mis'ry river2:50
11. Shady grove1:33
10. Don't cross the river2:50
9. A touch of Pennsylvania4:21
8. I'd rather die young2:14
7. He put a rainbow in the clouds for me2:32
6. On and on2:34
5. I'll be with you3:22
4. Thinking about you2:27
3. Happy on my way1:55
2. How long have I been waiting2:30
1. Mighty Mississippi2:26