Memories that bless and burn

Dry Branch Fire Squad

Label:Rounder 0469
Release Date:1999-10-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-05
County Sales:#235

Song Information:

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16. Touch the hem of His garment3:05
15. When I went down in the valley to pray1:21
14. That home far away2:17
13. The God that never fails1:03
12. The gospel way1:42
11. Dip your fingers in some water1:27
10. Where we'll never die2:39
9. I have found a way2:00
8. When Heaven comes down2:52
7. I'll be no stranger1:57
6. Travel, travel on2:06
5. Were you there?2:16
4. Looking for the stone2:45
3. Looking for the stone2:00
2. Hide you in the blood2:39
1. Memories that bless and burn4:55